Album Cover – Animals

The power station stands across the river from Victoria station. Its four white chimneys are a famous landmark. The building has a steel girder frame surrounding with bricks. It is the largest brick building in Europe.

This station was made legendary after appearing in the artwork for Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals. The station also appears in The Beatles film “Help!” from 1965.

The giant, helium-filled pig seen on the cover was flown over Battersea Power Station for the photo shoot. On the 3rd of December 1976 a gust of wind broke the pig free of it's moorings and it floated away. After being spotted by a passenger plan the flying pig caused delays at London Heathrow Airport. Warnings were sent out to pilots saying a gigant, flying pink pig was lose. The pig finally ended up in a farmer's field. After three days of photography it was deemed the pictures of the station itself were best on the first day, the pictures of the pig (and the sky) were better on the third day. The final result was a composite of the two pictures.

Mod revival band The Jam, recorded the music video for their track “News of the World” on top of the roof of Battersea power statition.

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