Jimi Hendrix London home

Brook Street is a street in the exclusive central London district of Mayfair.

On September 15th 1997 Peter Tonwshend unveiled an English heritage plaque at 23 Brook street to honor the memory of Jimi Hendrix who had lived at the address. In fact Jimi Hendrix had lived at 23 Brook Street for quite a short time during the years 1968-1969. The flat was mainly lived in by his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham and her friend Angie Bourdon. Hendrix only stayed there a few days in February and March 1969, he then returned to America.

There were persistant rumours that George Friedric Handel had been a previous resident at 23 Brook street (this however has turned out to be untrue, Handel lived at neighbouring number 25). When told by a journalist that Hendrix was now living in the same house as the famous composer had lived he replied:

“I didn't even know this was his pad, man, until after I got in. And to tell you the God's honest truth I haven't heard much of the fella's stuff. But I dig a bit of Bach every now and then.”

Today 23 Brook street is the site of Jo Malone, an upmarket shop selling beauty products.

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